Destiny Palmer

Boston, Ma 


Massachusetts College of Art and Design 

Studio Foundation (Undergraduate):

Visual Language-SFDN182: Visual Language will focus on exploring and developing students’ individual visual language, discovering their own overall aesthetic sensibility, and finding a student's sense of direction as an artist, as a designer, and a creative-thinker. These goals will be addressed through various learning outcomes and activities not limited to traditional and non traditional mediums and methods. 

Drawing Projects: Radical Color-SFDN185:  Drawing projects builds on the variety of principles and techniques introduced first semester yet explores drawing principles more intensely, in greater depth, building in time needed for practice. This class explore basic color theory as it relates to world history. 

Art Education (Undergraduate):               

Seminar 2, Contemporary Art Practices-AETE209: Seminar 1 and Seminar 2 run in tandem to provide a sophomore-level introduction to teaching and contemporary art. In Seminar II, visits to a variety of art settings (including museums, galleries, and artists’ studios) introduce students to contexts where art is made and produced, exhibited, and experienced. The course begins to prepare students to be socially responsible artist/educators.     

Interdisciplinary Studio 1, 2, 3-AETE200/300/400: The Interdisciplinary Studio in Art Education is the major studio course in the department.  This sequence of courses combine focused studio practice with critical research from life experience as learners, as teachers, and as artists. Substantive interdisciplinary projects allow students to experiment with and refine their personal artistic disciplines.  Art Education majors complete the Interdisciplinary Studio sequence by taking the course at each level (200, 300, 400) before enrolling in Capstone and Artist Teacher Studio.  

Art Education (Graduate):

Studio Investigations-AETE 547: Faculty and visiting artists critique student work and advise students on subsequent studio work. Students attend campus exhibitions and visiting artists’ lectures.

Boston Arts Academy 

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